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"The dentists explain everything to you and never do anything without your full consent after having explained everything clearly so you feel part of the decision making process."

Yes, there may be a range of options suitable. We can sometimes whiten the tooth from the inside and the outside so that by the end of treatment it has achieved the same shade as the rest of your teeth.

No, tooth whitening cannot change the colour of any crowns, fillings etc. you may have. You may need to consider replacements depending on how light you would like your tooth shade to be after the whitening. If you have a filling/ crown on a back tooth, this may not bother you, however, it could be a consideration in the future. If you get a drastic change in tooth shade and you have a filling in a front tooth, this would definitely be worth considering as it could be very noticeable.

This depends on where you have been referred. Generally, as soon as the referral is sent, we don't get any communication from the referral centre/ hospital. They will contact you directly. Some hospitals are busier than others and can have up to one year waiting lists. Be patient, if your condition is deteriorating, please seek help on one of our emergency sessions.

As an NHS patient, you are obliged by the NHS to complete a form, declaring that you are receiving treatment with the NHS. In addition, this is your opportunity to declare if you are receiving benefits that will allow you free dental care.

It is very difficult for a dentist to take a phone call while they are seeing patients in the surgery.

We recommend patients to see one dentist for continuity, if you have started treatment with a dentist, it is not possible to continue/ complete this treatment with a different dentist.

Unfortunately, there are times when a dentist is presented with an unforeseen, complicated procedure or emergency appointment. This is result in a delay in the service which will have a domino effect on all subsequent patients.

We would recommend you wait for two hours after a dental procedure before you have any food or drink.

We would recommend you stay away from black tea or coffee whilst whitening your teeth.

It is best to ask your dentist if your root treated tooth needs to be covered with a crown. Every case is different, but your dentist will be able to judge your case and give you an answer.


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