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"I've been going to this practice for a few years now, and it’s amazing.

I’m a very nervous patient, but all the people there are sensitive and efficient - and the dentists are fantastic. Have recommended it to friends who also love it."

All our dentists adhere to the strict guidelines governing the profession under strict guidance from the
General Dental Council (GDC) "Standards for Dental Professionals".

NHS Dentist – Our Dentists
Dr Aneeta Thankachan Dr Aneeta Thankachan Dentist
University of Debrecen, Hungary 2018
GDC No. 279140
Dr Mircea Simion Dr Mircea Simion Dentist
DMD Bucharest 2016
GDC No. 273774
Dr Marta Amin Dr Marta Amin Dentist
BDS Cardiff University 2021
GDC No. 295800
Dr David George Idicula Dr David George Idicula Dentist
BChD University of Leeds 2021
GDC No. 296915
Dr Rhea Thakkar Dr Rhea Thakkar Dentist
Bharati Vidyapeeth, Pune, India 2019
GDC No. 301632
Dr Annika Czech Dr Annika Czech Dentist
Ludwig Maximilian University of Munich 2022
GDC No. 306151
Sophie Harris Sophie Harris Dentist
GDC No. 301340
NHS Dentist – Dental Hygienists
Ms Kamila Zubowicz Ms Kamila Zubowicz Dental Hygienist
GDC No. 248394
Eli Sterjopullo Eli Sterjopullo Dental Hygienist
GDC No. 290812
Kajol Krishna Shetty Kajol Krishna Shetty Dental Hygienist
GDC No. 297778
Jenish Mahat Jenish Mahat Dental Hygienist/ Therapist
GDC No. 306553
Ms Niloofar Mokhtari Ms Niloofar Mokhtari Dental Therapist
GDC No. 300787
Nourhane Zibara Nourhane Zibara Dental Therapist
GDC No. 303654
NHS Dentist – Our Dental Nurses
Ms Regina Stepniak Ms Regina Stepniak Senior Dental Nurse
Qual- National Certificate Nebdn 2010
GDC No. 200235
Ms Aisha Khalif Ms Aisha Khalif Dental Nurse
National Diploma in Dental Nursing NEBDN 2018
GDC No. 280145
Ms Roxanne Mcknnon Ms Roxanne Mcknnon Dental Nurse
Diploma in Dental Nursing Level 3 QCF City and Guilds 2014
GDC No. 256336
Mr Baldev Kunwor Mr Baldev Kunwor Dental Nurse
Qual- National Certificate NEBDN 2005
GDC No. 104672
Mr Baldev Kunwor Sujita Gurung Dental Nurse
GDC No. 306327
Usha Koju Usha Koju Dental Implant Nurse
National Diploma in Dental Nursing NEBDN 2020
GDC No. 288751
Ms Maya Gurung Ms Maya Gurung Trainee Dental Nurse
Geena Bala Geena Bala Trainee Dental Nurse
Edyta Binkowska Edyta Binkowska Trainee Dental Nurse
Monika Binkowska Monika Binkowska Trainee Dental Nurse
Bhenhilda Dsouza Bhenhilda Dsouza Trainee Dental Nurse
Soney Pun Soney Pun Trainee Dental Nurse
Prabhat Shrestha Prabhat Shrestha Trainee Dental Nurse
Joseph Stalin Palaparthi Joseph Stalin Palaparthi Trainee Dental Nurse
Benria Fernandes Benria Fernandes Trainee Dental Nurse
Sarah Aung Sarah Aung Trainee Dental Nurse
NHS Dentist – Our Treatment Coordinators
Andrea Mogosanu Andrea Mogosanu Treatment Coordinator
National Diploma in Dental Nursing NEBDN 2020
GDC No. 292291
NHS Dentist – Daily Management Team
Ms Jackie Cooper Ms Jackie Cooper Practice Manager
Ms Karuna Giri Ms Karuna Giri Practice Manager
Qual- National Certificate NEBDN 2010
GDC No. 202093
Ms Monika Smoczek Ms Monika Smoczek Dental Nurse and Staff Relations Officer
Qual - National Certificate NEBDN 2008
GDC No. 147746
Mr Joshua Reidy Mr Joshua Reidy Operational Manager
GDC No. 310810


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