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Dental Hygiene

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"I've been going to this practice for a few years now, and it’s amazing.


I’m a very nervous patient, but all the people there are sensitive and efficient -  and the dentists are fantastic. Have recommended it to friends who also love it." 




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NHS Dentist will provide you with clinically necessary oral hygiene treatment on the NHS.

All periodontal treatment required for the health of your gums will always be provided on the NHS at our practice. You will never be expected to pay privately for clinically necessary treatment. Dental hygiene treatment is delivered by a specially trained dental hygienist who will help remove any plaque build up on your teeth that have formed over time or is hard to reach.

At NHS Dentist we don’t follow a direct access policy for our hygienists. This means that you may see your hygienist for a clean at any time providing you have seen your dentist within one year for your last check- up appointment. This is because a hygienist only works under the instructions of a dentist and a dentist must check your medical condition every 12 month.

Here is what you can expect from a hygiene appointment:

  1. Your teeth and gums will be assessed to determine the amount of plaque removal you need and risk factors will be highlighted.

  2. Your teeth will be professionally cleaned with special equipment and pastes.This process is also known as scaling and polishing.

  3. If you suffer from periodontitis, gum disease, you will be treated according to your needs. This process is called a deep debridement.

  4. The hygienist’s role is to show you how to look after your teeth so that they remain free from plaque in the future. You will be advised on the best tooth brushing technique and given tips on flossing and using interdental brushes.

Dental hygiene at our practice also functions preventatively to treat gum disease and bad breath. If you have a bridge, denture, orthodontic treatment or a dental implant you will have specific hygiene needs that the hygienist will be able to assist you with.

It is recommended that you come in for regular hygiene appointments to ensure your mouth stays clean and healthy.

Hygienist appointment options at NHS Dentist

Standard hygiene clean 


  • Regular attenders (3-6 monthly)

  • Children (12-18 year old)

Deluxe hygiene clean


Learn where the plaque retains on your teeth and how to remove it efficiently, suitable for;

  • Patients that haven't had a clean for over one year

  • Patients suffering from Gum disease

  • Children with fixed braces



Removes biofilm, stains and young calculus on natural teeth, restorations and implants. Cleans and polishes in one single procedure, suitable for;   

  • Patients with sensitive teeth, more gentle than normal scale and polish

  • Patients with implants

  • Smokers

  • Patients with many restorations


Life Benefits

  • Minimised risk of tooth loss.

  • Reduced risk of developing tooth decay and need for fillings.

  • Fresh minty breath.

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