Welcome to our October newsletter

Where has the time gone, it’s officially autumn, but the weather seems to be resisting, as much as we are, to accept this simple fact.

While you sit down and reflect and work this out, we will bring you up to date on all that’s been happening and all the exciting events that we look ahead to.

We are pleased that during the month of September we have had six new staff members join our team, all of whom share the attributes we are looking for in all of our team members. They are caring, conscientious, committed and hard working. They are undergoing our scrupulous training program until proficient enough to work on their own.

This powerhouse of a dental practice combines human talent, technology and a super committed Team to address and offer a wide range of solutions to your dental concerns. We have a team of dentists with a special interest in different fields continuing to learn and progress in developing new skills to help you achieve what you’ve always dreamed of;

Dr Amir Vahdat, has taken a further interest in root canal therapy, he has concluded a two year post graduate training program to gain insight in the intricacies of root treatment. He is also the leading dentist in restoring full month implant solutions.

Dr Noushin Karimi, who has a Masters Degree in Restorative Dentistry, has now completed her botox course to help patients who grind their teeth. Once injected into the masseter muscles, botox works by temporarily relaxing the muscles, reducing nerve signals from reaching the muscles that play a pivotal role in clenching and grinding. Masseter botox helps alleviate and prevent involuntary movement of bruxism.

Dr Nancy Yousef, has also completed multiple post graduate courses to be able to look at each case holistically, however, she has taken a deep interest in sleep apneoa and has helped many snoring patients improve the quality of their sleep by providing them with a snore guard.

Dr Afra Godarzi- Mofrad, has a wealth of experience in general dentistry and restoring implants, she embarked on a three year post graduate Masters Degree in Periodontal Disease (gum disease). She is passionate about oral health in patients suffering from gum disease, recognising that nhs services have insufficient funding and achieve very limited  progress in the treatment of gum disease, she developed her own program to help patients combat this debilitating disease that can leave you toothless in a short period of time.

Dr Divya Vahder, one of our long standing dentists, has also achieved a masters degree in Aesthetic & Restorative Dentistry. She has delved into all aspects of aesthetic dentistry and has now become a proficient Invisalign provider.

Dr Aya El- Hamalawy, who is about to complete her masters degree in invisible aligners, is the only Invisalign provider at the practice that carries out Invisalign for children to prevent serious dental problems early on.

Dr Karen Pinto, who has been at the practice for many years, has completed her Masters Degree in Restorative Dentistry. She is now looking forward to helping her patients looking for an implant solution replace a gap.

Our new revamped website has successfully been launched, it offers any further information you may need about our services and team. Please take a moment to browse this easy to navigate version www.nhsdentist.com

Finally, we are looking forward to our Invisalign open day on Saturday 28th October, when you can save over £1400. The open day deal offers you;

£500 off Invisalign treatmentFree consultation worth (£100)Free Digital simulation scan (£150)Free Dental Monitoring device (£100)Free Complementary Teeth Whitening (£399)Free Complementary Hygienist clean (£69)Keep an eye out for our Black Friday Deal!

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The team at NHS Dentist